About Us


Ask any woman – a handbag is one of our (many) wardrobe staples. It’s an essential item that allows us to conveniently carry everything we need; it also speaks about the woman carrying the bag… So why should your baby bag be any different? The K’LEA Lux Changing Bag is our first handbag; it is characterised by the effortless style, coupled with practicality, and we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate companion to your busy day.


I am a mom to two gorgeous girls, a partner to my very supportive husband, as well as a creative enthusiast. After having my first child I discovered that changing bags are very different indeed, and essential! Many bags were designed only with baby in mind. It surprised me that I had to hunt far and wide to find something that would appeal to independent and fashionable women. My girls are my inspiration, and I made my first ever leather baby bag because of them.