We source premium quality materials and pride ourselves on their natural beauty, particularly in the case of leather. Please keep in mind, our leather, as with all natural materials, will occasionally have unique characteristics such as: small scars, creases and variations in the colour which are not considered defects.

To keep your bag looking its best, we have a few tips:


Our leather skins have been tanned specifically for your product and all have different characteristics. Some wear and tear of the leather in more vulnerable areas such as corners and handles is to be expected. If leather is consistently exposed to harsh light, the product may experience some fading so we recommend that you store your product in its protective dust bag when not in use. Leather is a naturally permeable material and can never be entirely waterproof. Should your bag get very wet we would suggest that you dry it with a clean soft cloth and leave it to dry naturally (out of direct sunlight).

Metallic Hardware

Metallic finishes are very delicate and will wear a little over time; particularly in wet/humid conditions. Please pay special attention to the zips and hardware by regularly wiping the clean of any dirt and polishing if need be.


Your zips may feel sticky or stiff, especially when your K’LEA bag is brand new. A good trick is to rub a beeswax candle or some lead pencil along the zip to help it glide with ease. Just like all zips, it’s a good idea to get your zip serviced once in a while to ensure the teeth are still in good condition. In the unlikely event that your zipper jams, the teeth bend or the zip even wiggles loose, your local cobbler will be your new best friend. Most cobblers will be able to either unjam your zip, or tighten it if required.

Packing, Straps and Mats

Whilst our bags are designed to carry numerous items for both moms and babes, overloading your bag may result in unnecessary stress on the straps and zips. Take care not to overfill your bag.

K’LEA Interior

Our interior PU Lining is the strongest we could find and will be splash proof. However, we recommend keeping nylon products away from excessive heat and water. We would advise cleaning the interior fabric with warm soapy water and a clean soft cloth. Use a mild soap and test an inconspicuous area of the bag beforehand. Leave your K’LEA bag to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area. Never use artificial heat to dry your bag as this can cause permanent damage and always let any water spillages dry naturally.